2.22.19 Spiritual Dream

I have been having some intensely spiritual dreams recently. I have wondered if they are just for me or for an individual or for the whole body. After consulting with my dad, I’ve decided to share this most recent one. Of course, I have my own interpretation. However, I believe this is meant for others as well, if not for the entire Christian body.


It was like I was watching a movie. A woman went into premature labor while water was flooding into a cavern that her home was in. A man, who loved her and she loved, came running through her door to save her and was trying to hold the door closed so water wouldn’t come in and drown her. But the commotion of it all sent her into labor. The man opened the door and water didn’t coming pouring in. It had stopped about chest high and was clear as glass. A man like my dad, gray headed wearing a light blue shirt, came walking through the water, past the door and into the cavern, but on his way past the door, he said to the man, “Take her to my banqueting table.” She was dying. The man swept his love up into his arms and started trying to get to where the banqueting table was in a different, much larger house. But when he got into the house, he couldn’t remember where it was and said “help me remember where your table is.” The woman was in a sling that he was carrying on his back so his arms could be free. A dragon/gigantic bird was attacking him, clawing at his sling/cape to get to the woman, and trying to keep him from getting to the table. The man was praying and proclaiming the word of God.

Extra details:
The woman was a black woman with an afro who was dressed like an African tribal woman, very minimal.

The man was a white man who came in from the sea. I felt all of his emotions. He loved her deeply and romantically.

Ariel HenryComment