Attitude of Gratitude

About a week ago, I stopped in the Chesterfield Valley to grab a quick salad before catching a movie. As I waited in the drive thru of every Christian's favorite place to eat, Chick Fil A, I stared through the glass windows at the families eating inside. I got this powerful image in my head that would make a great commercial or intro to a message. 

If you've ever been to a Chick fil A (Which, hello? Are you hiding under a rock?) you'll know that the restaurant is kind of just a big, glass box. So, I could see clearly in through the windows. I watched this family at their table. The mom was standing licking her ice cream cone, as her two sitting kids ate theirs, and her husband did whatever he was doing. The true Chick Fil A story. I immediately saw in my head one, skinny, barely clothed, little black body standing outside of the glass looking in, watching the family eat. Then, I thought about what a powerful message it would send if there was a video done where it wasn't just one child, but many impoverished ones surrounding the whole restaurant looking in. 

I don't have the solution to world hunger. I would never claim to. I don't know how we fix this issue. However, I do know, as I sat there in my car waiting an extra 15 minutes longer than I typically do in a drive thru, my heart was placed in a pretty serious check. Even after this image popped into my head, I felt my entitlement rising up as I thought about how I wasn't going to have as much time as I wanted to get to the movie theater because of how long this drive thru was taking. I live in a country where, not only do I have food, have access to food, never run out of food, but I can get in my car, drive to a building, do no work to prepare my food, and have it ready in about 10 minutes, if that.

I think the solution to every problem starts with awareness of it in the first place. At the very least, can we keep it in our thoughts and prayers? If we're not traveling to a third world country with a suitcase packed full of food we're about to give away, if we're not headed to the nearest soup kitchen to serve those who have no means, if we're not preparing our homes for the abandoned at the orphanages, can we at least resolve within ourselves to do the very least and remember them?  Remember them when your food comes cold, and thank God anyway that you have food to eat. Remember them when your drive thru line takes another 10 minutes past when you planned on being there, and thank God for the car that got you there to begin with. Remember them when your water heater breaks, and thank God you have running water. Then, after posturing your heart in thankfulness...


Pray for them, and then ask Him how you can be used to help.


Care for them like it was your child standing outside dying. And if you don't care, ask God to help you care. It's the only way any serious change will ever come.

"The King will reply, 'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.' Matthew 25:40

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