Comfort In Discomfort

I was thinking about how we always know the right thing. Like the struggle of…they hurt me so I’m going to hurt back…or..I’m being taken advantage of so I shouldn’t serve or…they lost their house so I’m going to let them live with me..or they really don’t deserve my help because they’re doing this wrong..

But we always really do know deep down the answers to those things. Sometimes we just don’t want to or its uncomfortable or its scary or its hard, but the Holy Spirit in us is making proof of Jesus and what he would do/what he already did. He gives such joy when it shouldn’t make any sense to pick the route that no one else would or we’d have a “right” to pick another choice. Jesus did the hard thing, the selfless thing! It’s basically like…well is it gonna be hard? Is it scary? Uncomfortable? Then it’s probably the thing you’re supposed to do. Hahaha. “Thanks Holy Spirit…I really wanted to ignore that…” haha!

Even the world sees the movies or situations where the person who was just beaten down, loves the very person who beat them down anyway, and feels that warmth in their heart!

Anyway…nugget of the day..haha!

Ariel HenryComment