Even Until The End

I am so often moved by art in all of it’s forms. Music, movies, paintings, dance, literature. It involves such creativity, which I am drawn to because of our creative God. He makes something out of nothing. He has the ability to design and construct things that we could never even imagine in our limited understanding. So, often, He speaks to me through these forms.

Most recently, I was watching a dance routine from a group that had been featured on America’s Got Talent. I had watched it before, but there was something different this time I watched it. Isn’t that the difference when God breathes onto something and gives it life? The fact that I could watch it one time and still appreciate it’s beauty, but then see it again and feel the gentle hand of God grip my heart. It took on a completely different meaning. I let His message sink into my heart, sitting with eyes closed and tears escaping, as my phone sat still glowing on my kitchen table.

What captured me most was the end as I watched the little girl in the white dress become surrounded by demons pulling at her. You couldn’t see her anymore. They had overtaken her. Then, for the final scene as the last drum sounded, every demon fell back onto the ground off of her, and she clung to a man dressed in all white with large white wings. I’m tearing now just remembering it.

Every once in a while, we have the opportunity to glimpse our redemption story as more than just letters on a page. That little girl is me. That little girl is you. God allowed me to not see this girl in her white dress, but me in mine, clinging to Him as every doubt, insecurity, addiction, and attack was thrown down. It was real in that moment. Everything along my journey that has tried to take me under or confuse my identity or lie about His, has been trampled as He holds me. Every one that is still to come is already defeated because He stands behind me with His great wings shadowing me as I walk forward. I have a bodyguard.

I have so much hope since this vision. When I’m afraid to fail, I envision Him right behind me with his wings outstretched walking right with me. When I feel anxiety creeping up on me, I sense the shadow of His wings sheltering me from the full crushing weight. It’s so easy to forget or take for granted that these Biblical truths are present every day. They’re not just words we read or verses we repeat hoping to calm ourselves with them. They are a reality, not rhetoric.

I love when God comes crashing in with truth and revelation, and you know when He does because that truth becomes a reality in your life. It marks you and becomes a part of you. It is yours that can never be taken away. I hope to share my reality with you today. I hope you sit, close your eyes, imagine Him with you now, and move forward each day with that confidence.

Every human wants to feel loved, fought for, a sense of hope, confidence, safety. Well that’s what our God does! He is a great defender! He is just! He is safe and trustworthy and avenging and strong and mighty! He fights for you. He holds you. Because even the manliest of men want to be held on their deathbed. You are now and will always be His child despite how much wisdom you gain here on this earth or how tall you grow or how wrinkly your skin becomes.

You are loved, and He is with you, even until the end.

He shall cover you with His feathers,
And under His wings you shall take refuge;
His truth shall be your shield and buckler.

Psalm 91:4

Ariel HenryComment